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“Today’s managers are faced with the problem that the complexity and dynamics of management processes are constantly increasing, which means they often have to work on the edge of chaos.”

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Agile Unternehmen

Agile Manifesto

Our agile manifesto generalizes considerations from agile software development and contains the following four guiding principles.
Runnable processes are more important to us than extensive documentation. Cooperation with the customer is more important to us than contract negotiations.
Individuals and their interactions are more important to us than tools. And it is more important to us to be able to react to changes than to follow a plan.
The first-mentioned words are more important to us, even though the second things have their value.
Our Agile Manifesto makes it clear that managing in turbulent conditions is about finding a balance between the principles of the Agile Manifesto.


Our art of change is: We do not work on the system, but with it. Recognizing the need for change and the investment alone does not guarantee success. Because change comes from the heart, not from the head!
We focus on not only realizing transformation in a selected project, but also on developing the ability of an organization to change continuously under smooth conditions
Our approach is systemic and develops the organization as a whole. While process and method always follow the same principle of diagnosis, goal setting, process design and management of the development process, each step and measure is individually designed together with the employees and teams of the organization from all ranks and units.
Successful changes are implemented top-down and bottom-up, involve the employees and are processed, understood, accepted, internalized and disseminated through participation in the design and implementation of the development process itself.