The ego trap – 7 ways to ruin your business

Ego-traps- those unconscious patterns of thought, beliefs and leadership reflexes that lead the thinking and acting of leaders in the wrong direction as if by magic are to blame for failure. The book describes the seven most frequent pitfalls for entrepreneurial success on the basis of episodes from everyday business life and shows ways to recognize and avoid these ego traps in time. A thoroughly humorous and very personally told insight into those deeply human facets of management that contribute subliminally but nevertheless decisively to the success or failure of companies.
Unconscious, thought patterns, beliefs and reflexes often steer the thoughts and actions of managers in the wrong direction as if by magic. How do you recognize these ego traps, how do you deal with them, and how do you avoid them?

Book review

Renate Henning has evaporated her findings from many years of management consulting into seven so-called ego traps. For example, the trap of feeling responsible for everything and everyone as a manager. All of these behavioural patterns are likely to make working life difficult. Henning backs them up with practical examples where the reader inevitably thinks: “I know that one! Common management mistakes are presented in a casual narrative tone. The author outlines solutions and incorporates common methodological approaches such as Scrum, Holacracy or Balanced Scorecard. As is almost always the case when consultants take up the pen, the solutions do not go so deep that the reader is able to solve problems on his own after reading. Rather, they are designed to make you want to consult with the consultant whose book you are holding in your hand. getAbstract recommends this book to executives in small and large companies, as well as to entrepreneurs and self-employed professionals who prefer to learn from best practices rather than theory.

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