You are on the way to a future worth living:

We help to identify growth perspectives and start on a pragmatic growth path.

To be a driving force for the future:

You are looking for the thematic challenges for the future – artificial intelligence, agility, global networking, restructuring, finding ethical standards …
We bring relevant topics together with people to develop ideas for implementation and realization.

Being leaders to the future:

You want to bring together people, teams and organisations on their way to a future worth living.
We support you with our decades of experience in change and transformation processes.

Moving into the future together:

You have questions about where you want to go or get stuck in the implementation of your ideas.
We connect people and topics (or topics and people) to an efficient cooperation – in terms of content, human and financial.

Who are we?

We are an entrepreneurial couple, married for 50 years, with decades of expertise in consulting, structuring and management of companies (corporations, medium-sized businesses), public institutions (municipalities, university hospitals, universities, ministries) and church structures (large churches, NGOs, communities, monasteries). We have often facilitated to break through the ridge walk between success and failure.

Our methods

We work with the OSTO system model as a diagnosis and design method for systems with high complexity and dynamics.

Our values:

We live on the basis of a positive Christian view of humanity and are shaped by our Christian faith.

Renate and Klaus Henning in moving image

Renate Henning

What do I stand for?

I stand for “Diversity of perspective instead of tunnel vision”. The ability to look at a situation from different perspectives helps us on our way to a future worth living – in our private, professional and business environment.
This is not always easy because often, as if by magic, unconscious thought patterns, beliefs or reflexes block the view. It happens sometimes that we get stuck in a tunnel! By using suitable methods to climb into a mental “helicopter”, it is possible to look at the connections “from above” and develop networks and solutions. This paves the way for a future worth living in.

Klaus Henning

What do I stand for?

I stand for “bringing issues and people together”. I always look five to ten years ahead and ask: What is in store for us – technologically, economically, socially, socially, religiously … Bringing all this together with an interdisciplinary, scientifically based view with people and companies who want to tackle and shape their near future is close to my heart.
And I enjoy deriving concrete perspectives and actions from this – whether on a small or large scale. If the result is courage for the future and concrete implementations, I am satisfied. Because then we become co-creators of God and make the future worth living.