Cover Organisationen sind keine Maschinen

New publication May 2024: Organisationen sind keine Maschinen

Growing complexity and dynamism characterize this world and most organizations. The aim of this book is to better understand and master the increasing turbulence associated with this. It shows that organizations are not machines, but should be understood and managed as living beings. The authors describe how this systemic way of thinking has been found in many disciplines since the mid-1940s and is networked as a cybernetic approach with biological, sociological, psychological, technical and chaos-theoretical approaches.

The very first time we came into contact with the OSTO approach in the mid-1980s, we were hooked. From then on, we began to see organizations as living beings, as sociological units, and not as static, militaristic entities. That was something completely new for us at the time.

Viewing the organization as a living being that can change and does not have to remain static in predetermined patterns is an opportunity for people in organizations who want and need to cope in an increasingly turbulent world.

The book is published in German, the English Version will follow later.

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