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SYMA – Systemic Management

Systemic management, in the sense of the systemic approach, holistically considers all interactions between managers, employees, colleagues, customers, suppliers, financiers, market, society, culture and environment. It is about targeted intervention in the communication and expectation structures of those involved in order to better achieve the goals of an organization.
This can be experienced and practised in a one-week “flight simulator”. This one-week experience seminar stands for the word SYMA®.

The learning experience in this “Flight Simulator” results from experiencing a transformation process of an organization – from a hierarchical to a network organization. One year of transformation corresponds to one day of seminars in which all the ups and downs of a change process are simulated.
As change experts, the trainers provide valuable methodological impulses for pragmatic application in everyday life. In SYMA® you have the opportunity to reflect on your own role in change.

The training starts with an exchange of experiences about your own handling of complexity and dynamics. The building blocks of the OSTO system model are introduced and explained step by step. Numerous times are scheduled for personal reflection and for reflection in the team. The whole seminar is structured according to the principle of learning by doing. The learning levels individual, group, team, organization and network are considered. Included are building blocks for dealing with the corporate environment and questions about the meaning of an organization and the role of managers.
We know that the training is very long with one week. But it is worth it. Those who are responsible for larger change processes themselves can qualify as a TÜV-certified change manager while working.
In cases where an absence from the workplace for a week is unthinkable (board members, chief physicians, ministers), we are happy to lead the individual elements and experience modules step by step over a longer period of time “in the running business”.